New Car and Growing Up

I always thought about what my first car would be. I never thought about when it would be though. Just got my new car this past weekend. It is a white, 1996 Pontiac Firebird, and is in fantastic condition. Which got me thinking about my life and what I have gone through to get to this point. I have lived a relativly short life, only 16 years, and have witnessed so much change in the world and in my life. Looking back always makes me cry. Just wanted to get my thoughts out. May God bless everyone and may He open your eyes because our time is short.

My first car and me

My first car and me


Where Has The Time Gone?

I can’t believe it has been this long since my last post. I am sure everyone has been worrying about me. 😉 Been keeping busy with school starting and marching band. I have been to Lucas Oil Stadium, Indiana University, and Butler University with them so far. It has been a great season.

On the big screen. This happened at IU too.

On the big screen. This happened at IU too.

New Wii Update

I had come home today to find that the slot on my Wii was glowing a bright blue. I then knew that something had to have been sent to me from Nintendo. I checked my Wii mail and saw a letter to me about an update to system version 3.1. Not too much has changed. The big deal with this update is the now available keyboard support. Some other features such as an Internet Channel update and an Everybody Votes Channel update were included as well. This is great news to me. Now all I need is a devoted MP3 Channel and this will be the perfect system ever.

New Nintendo Announcement

I woke up this morning to find that the illumination slot on my Wii was glowing again. I quickly turned it on and read a message from Nintendo. Apparently they are offering Wii Remote Jackets to consumers who have already bought a Wii prior to this announcement. If you have bought a Wii before this date and want rubber jackets for your Wii Remote, go to and click on the Remote Jacket link.

Good Morning World!

I just got up this morning and I am feeling great. Nothing beats a hot shower on a cold morning. So off to school today. Going to be a good one, I hope. Also, I got my new phone ordered, show I should be getting that on Tuesday. I will post some pictures of its un-boxing.

My First Post

Hello, my name is Kyle. I am a student attending High School. I play video games and watch a lot of TV. My favorite show out now is Heroes. I guess I will be writing about different things that have happened to me and what I have learned on each day. This is mostly for me to let my ideas out of my head. You don’t have to read this if you don’t want to. So I guess that will be all.