The cross marks…

The cross marks the spot where the disciples failed, and it marks the spot where we all, we theologians, too, must fail. The cross marks the spot where the exegete ceases to be proud of his sincerity , and cries out for his life in terms of the first Beatitude. The cross marks the spot where the systematician sees his system as the instrument which focuses his failure; where the practical theologian realizes that there is only one practical thing to do, and that is to repent and abhor himself in dust and ashes; where the historian leaves his long and sanely balanced view of things and goes desperately mad. The cross marks the spot where we all become beggars – and God becomes King. Amen.

Excerpted From Ha! Ha! Among the Trumpets by Martin Franzmann’s sermon The Disciples Confession. Concordia Publishing House. 1996.


Herman Sasse on Human Reasoning in the Face of Death

Receive these words as comfort, for that is the great benefit of theology!

There can be no good, as we see things, in someone lying for years in a sickbed with an incurable ailment and then slowly and painfully dying. Yet God may see something very good in such an apparently meaningless fate. “When God makes alive, he does it by killing, when he justifies he does it by making men guilty, when he exalts to heaven he does it by bringing down to hell,” Luther says in The Bondage of the Will about God’s dealings that cannot be comprehended by our reason.

Praise God the Crucified One is Risen!